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All you need to know about WOW by VINIMONDO!

Palatul Bragadiru - May 30th, 2024

WOW Partners list

As of 2nd of April the following partners have confirmed their participation at the event. Please see below the alphabetical list of producers.

Please note that the list is dynamic and subject to change.

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Location, Access and Schedule

Tickets are available for purchase (please see the top menu) and the access for the public starts at 10:00 until 20:00 (last entrance at 17:30) for a full 10 hours of fantastic wine tasting.

A map with all of the producers, including the Free Tasting Area will be made available before the event and may be downloaded for your convenience.

Please download the electronic version of the event brochure for a detailed overview of each of the wines available during our event.

Tickets may be purchased from

WOW Tickets

The ticket (Acces General) entitles you to taste all the wines in the portfolio, selected for WOW 2024. Once you arrive at the event, your ticket will automatically grant you the following:

One crystal glass RIEDEL Mise En Place, which we kindly ask you to drop of in the designated areas;
A copy of the event brochure WOW 2024, in which you may find information about all the selected wines;
Access to all the stands of the producers present at WOW 2024;
Access to the Free Tasting Area, where you can taste the entire range of selected wines, but unrepresented by the producers at WOW 2024.

Once you arrive at Bragadiru Palace, our representatives will provide you with a fluorescent stamp, which will allow you to enter and exit the event as you please.

Tickets may be purchased here


Refreshments, food and bar

You may purchase refreshments, snacks & sandwiches, as well as illy coffee during the event from the dedicated places provided by NOUA Bucătărie românească and Chef Alex Petricean or Palatul Bragadiru. The location of Palatul Bragadiru's bar is easily accessible and the staff will be more than happy to assist you. 

WOW Brochure

You will be given a copy of the WOW 2024 brochure once you arrive at the event. The brochure contains information about all the wines presented during WOW 2024. However, should you want to download a digital copy of the brochure, you may download it here.


Contacts and emergency information

Should you require more information please contact us at and one of our staff members will get back to you at the earliest.

Please note that during the event emergency health services will be provided on the spot by..... In case of emergency please contact the nearest staff member, easily recognizable by the "WOW by Vinimondo" badge.



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